Re: Stainless steel N connector.

Paul G8AQA

Gold and aluminium - purple plague.  Discovered this when soldering gold O rings using aluminium as a jig.  The gold disappeared into the aluminium leaving a purple residue.  It is also a problem with transistors and ICs.

Paul G8AQA

On 23/10/2020 10:02, John E. Beech wrote:
Gold plated ones any good? ( Probably make the aluminium corrode even faster.)

de John G8SEQ

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 > Stainless Steel is a particularly bad conductor of electricity, 40
 > times worse than copper, 10 times worse than Nickel and only 1.7
 > times better than nichrom, as used in resistance wire! So I doubt
 > you will find Stainless steel N type plugs.
 > I use nickel plated N Types on boats with good results but not
 > mounted on aluminium.
 > Some jointing compounds e.g. Duralac create an open circuit across
 > the joint however Bicon should be fine.
 > 73s
 > Richard
 Stainless steel RF connectors are quite common.

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