Re: Stainless steel N connector.

Michael Scott

Hi Neil

Many thanks for the information, and from the many others who responded on this topic!

I have decided to follow Mark's original suggestion and use Bicon as the simplest solution. I am hoping to receive a tube in the next few days. Luckily, the dish feed is near ground level so It is easy to remove for servicing without the need for ladders which are a no no for me these days!

Thanks again for all the comments received.

73, Mike, G3LYP.

On 22/10/2020 20:03, Neil Smith G4DBN wrote:

Hi Mike, TE/AMP make passivated stainless steel bodied N sockets rated to 11 GHz

They also do nickel-plated stainless.

Furiously expensive of course. £34 + vat from RS, much more spendy from Farnell

H&S also do some which are at even MORE coin:

Neil G4DBN

On 22/10/2020 18:22, Colin Ranson wrote:


From: Michael Scott via
Sent: 22 October 2020 12:48
Subject: [UKMicrowaves] Stainless steel N connector.


Hi All

I am looking for a four hole mounting female N connector in stainless
steel ( if such a thing exists ) to replace the one on a helix feed to
my QO-100 uplink antenna. After a year, the silver plated brass
connector is heavily corroded where it is mounted on the aluminium
reflector plate. It was originally built for Oscar 40 and wasn't
intended for permanent outdoor mounting.

The alternative is to replace the aluminium plate with stainless steel
and reuse the brass connector.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated!

73, Mike, G3LYP.

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