Re: 10 GHz Portable Transceiver

Paul G8AQA

Hi David,

I will be using WG17 on my EME system because the TWT PA,  and the feed are WG17.  I have WG17 switches. I will need to build a preamp and could do with couplers for testing.  I have plenty of E and H bends if anyone needs any.
Would a visit be possible with social distancing, quarantining and outside etc?  Need to choose good weather.


On 15/10/2020 09:10, DAVID G4ASR via wrote:
As it happens I was recently was given 2 x "White Boxes"  - never used and lots of WG17 guide (each piece circa 1 metre in length) and a large box of Andrew WG17-elliptical wg transitions and lots of other WG17 components. I turned down the huge coil of elliptical guide.  

Is there any interest in WG17 out there? 

73 David G4ASR

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