Re: 10 GHz Portable Transceiver


Morning David
I’m preparing a 10G station but, being a numb-skull, I don’t know what is needed to get from my Kuhne G2 to WG and if it’s SMA/cable/SMA/transition if that would be as lossy as/more lossy than a short run of RG401 – I was planning on running the box right at the masthead/dish so probably a max of 500mm of the RG401.
Any advice is very welcome, please.  It’s all a very much unknown area for me at the moment.
Cheers for now, stay safe
Bob, G1ZJP / M1MHZ
This is one of mine. This is in measuring mode. When in use transverter, in ali box, 
is closer to dish feed and the cable from transition goes to box directly. 


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