Re: QO-100 and SOTA this morning 14th Oct

Nick Gregory G0HIK

Hi Paul,

Thanks for taking the time to have a listen Paul.
I don't know why there are so many Germans, but I'm sure glad that they speak very good English.
 I don't have a spectrum scope, so I was unaware there were so few stations on. I've been told that a week day is not the busiest time on the satellite, which makes sense. I cant really go out portable later in the day and I usually do other things at weekends.
As Dave pointed out there are plenty of other countries represented, I've got PY, YO, R, SV,IT9,ZS and many more in the log.
I have found netting hard, I usually stay on one frequency and let stations come to me. I guess the difficulty is comparing the natural pitch of your voice to the the other stations voice. That doesn't explain why some stations come on a couple of kHz away though.
I'd love to know how to do it correctly.

I'm hoping to be out on another SOTA this morning, High Rigg near to Keswick around 11:15 local time.

Nick G0HIK


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