The Perfect Microwave Absorber

Andy G4JNT

The chaps at Mr Kipling cakes need to be recruited at certain microwave companies that make dummy loads.  They appear to have invented the perfect microwave absorber material.

Mr. Kipling Eccles cakes come with a warning "Do Not Microwave"  Well ...
Rules are for the Guidance of etc etc. ...
So ten seconds at 850 Watts

And were the innards HOT !

Each cake weighs 50g and lets assume this is all the fruit/jam inside
Energy = 8500 Joules, which, assuming the specific heat of Eccles cake innards  is the same as that of water, 4200J/K/kg, should have raised the temperature  40C.   They would have been about 15C to start with, but those innards tasted a lot hotter than 55C.

Is the specific heat of jam / fruit significantly less than that of water ?   Coz that's the only real explanation I can think of - the cooker isn't generating more power than it should.

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