Re: Omni directional antenna for 1 to 20 ghz


I'll keep that in mind.

Also a member of the Cyrpto museum at Bletchley Park.

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, 10:34:51 AM CDT, Steve - WB0DBS <steve-krull@...> wrote:


If you happen to get out to San Jose I can put you in touch with a crypto guy that has two complete, original Enigmas, along with loads of other crypto kit from the earliest days to the not-so-distant past. He wrote a book on the history of cryptography and has spoken at numerous gatherings of black hats. He’s an interesting chap and we discovered we had some connections from back in the day. 



On Oct 11, 2020, at 10:12 AM, KENT BRITAIN <wa5vjb@...> wrote:

Hi Keith

Have a look at

I have 2-26 GHz and 700 MHz-26 GHz Omni's

And Log Periodics from 400 MHz to 11 GHz.

The 9-25 GHz Vivaldi's are basically rated to the SMA connector.
Using 'K' connectors I know several labs using them up to 35 GHz.

Yea, really was hoping to visit F/haven again.   Last time I bough an
Enigma Clone and have several friends hoping I can get a few more.

Cheers   Kent WA5VJB/G8EMY   (I know, an '8', but it is a full license)

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, 8:33:06 AM CDT, Keith <keith@...> wrote:

While playing with my new toys, an Adalm Pluto and a Nuand Rf Blade v2, I find the need for an omnidirectional antenna, or at very lease a reasonable gain directional antenna that i can mount on a small rotator.
I remember chatting with Kent and Sam at F/ haven in 2018 about wideband antennas but my searches are virtually friutless.
Is there anything out there that could be useful ?
Bear in mind I'm in Perth , the most isolated capital in the world so the dx to the rest of Australia isnt going to happen.
Basically just something I can use to cover the spectrum of 1 ghz and up to keep me amused.
I'm planning on both 8 ghz and 32 ghz feeds to a dish, from 60cms up to 2.4 mtrs for the DSN activity but just want to play around on local stuff.
You never know what you may hear :(
Just asking ;)

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