Re: Omni directional antenna for 1 to 20 ghz


Hi Keith

Have a look at

I have 2-26 GHz and 700 MHz-26 GHz Omni's

And Log Periodics from 400 MHz to 11 GHz.

The 9-25 GHz Vivaldi's are basically rated to the SMA connector.
Using 'K' connectors I know several labs using them up to 35 GHz.

Yea, really was hoping to visit F/haven again.   Last time I bough an
Enigma Clone and have several friends hoping I can get a few more.

Cheers   Kent WA5VJB/G8EMY   (I know, an '8', but it is a full license)

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, 8:33:06 AM CDT, Keith <keith@...> wrote:

While playing with my new toys, an Adalm Pluto and a Nuand Rf Blade v2, I find the need for an omnidirectional antenna, or at very lease a reasonable gain directional antenna that i can mount on a small rotator.
I remember chatting with Kent and Sam at F/ haven in 2018 about wideband antennas but my searches are virtually friutless.
Is there anything out there that could be useful ?
Bear in mind I'm in Perth , the most isolated capital in the world so the dx to the rest of Australia isnt going to happen.
Basically just something I can use to cover the spectrum of 1 ghz and up to keep me amused.
I'm planning on both 8 ghz and 32 ghz feeds to a dish, from 60cms up to 2.4 mtrs for the DSN activity but just want to play around on local stuff.
You never know what you may hear :(
Just asking ;)

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