24 Ghz on Sunday 18th

Paul G8AQA

We are proposing to go out roving with the 24GHz kit on Sunday for the 24GHz etc Championship.  We intend to visit a site on the Welsh border on the way up to Lancashire, where we hope to visit a number of sites.  We hope to work as many stations as possible using the callsign G(W)6ZME/P  Note the G6. This is one of the callsigns of Telford and District Amateur Radio Society.  We hope to encourage more Northerly activity on the band.

We will not have 2m talkback but will probably have KST, Zello and telephone - 07967 272 185.

Let us know where you are and info on any good sites that would make a good path.

We are hoping that the Covid rules or the weather will not clip our wings.

Paul G8AQA
Heather M0HMO

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