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in short, the program is looking for single character responses. If one puts in "Yes", the program loops indefinitely. If one puts in "Y", all is well, as shown below:

Do you want to change horn dimensions [Yes or No]?  n

Do you want to make a PostScript template [Yes or No]?  y
 Horn description line: test 2
File name for horn template (should be .PS or .EPS):

You will find it easiest to use the program with a terminal set for 45 lines (or more) in height. The Postscript printing information makes reference to files which do not seem to be available on the website.

So, try again with single character y or n responses (upper or lower case), and it should work.

HTH, 73, good luck with the tin snips,

Robin, G8DQX

PS: It's not you, it's a sloppily written input routine, combined with a misleading prompt.

On 05/10/2020 09:25, Dave via wrote:
I have this program HDL_ANT32_V4p1 (14).exe on my Windows 10 laptop. It is working and gives me a series of dimensions for a feedhorn on 5760mhz. However it does say that there is an error in the H phase centre function, and that I must adjust the length of the horn to match phase centres. (I am matching it to a 0.62 F/D dish.)  It suggests an improved design with slightly higher gain (10.3dBi). The H dimension is 34.9 mm and E is 15.9 mm.
It asks if I want to make a change in the dimensions and if I do say yes the screen goes berserk and is not working as it should.
Has anyone had this problem?
David (G4GLT). 
PSAlso nowhere do I see a way of printing a template.

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