Re: QO-100 Tomorrow

Nick Gregory G0HIK

Hi Paul,

Thankyou for the message, it's nice to get some feedback to my posts.

I live in a poor V/UHF/uWave location, so most of my operating is portable by necessity and SOTA is a natural fit.
I see that there are seven nice little hills in the Devon & Cornwall that are in the SOTA association :-

You may fancy a venture out to them some time in the future.

I use two FT817's, with a SG-Labs transvertor for the up link and a 739 (LNB I.F.) to 2mtr convertor for the downlink from a standard LNB that has a TCXO fitted. The 13cms aerial is a POTY (Google that :) ) the dish is a standard 20cm DATV, cut in half so it can be strapped to a rucsac.
It all runs from one of those little glove box batteries that are used to jump start a cars in an emergency.

Hopefully I'm be able to work you in the future.

Nick G0HIK

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