Re: Low Cost VNA


They all use a resistive bridge , so a good wideband response ...............

On 30 September 2020 at 23:38 "Tim, VK2XAX" <VK2XAX@...> wrote:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your analysis, While I have instruments to do TDR & RL from
10kHz to 6GHz I'm primarily interested in its other functions. Its good
to know that its at least reasonable and not telling pork pies! But
then, that also assumes the operator knows what he's doing too :)



On 30/9/20 6:44 pm, Mark GM4ISM via wrote:
Hi all

I have not done direct comparison tests ( I rarely get my eldery 8754A
VNA out) but a few publications have indicated that the results are
broadly similar.

I do however us VNAs extensively and know  their limitation and
pitfalls in their use.

 The Nano VNAs stack up moderately well overall and on most
circumstances are  more than adequate

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