Re: WIMO SHF 2328 23cm-Yagi 28 Element ?

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

The through boom in contact elements are the biggest problem in my opinion. Eventually, you will get corrosion poor contact, at which point it goes out of tune. Cleaning them is only a temporary fix, as they will build an insulating layer of aluminium oxide at some point. it is just a question of WHEN.

I prefer insulated elements for this reason, at least once tuned, they should stay tuned.

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I was given a badly damaged Wimo last year to repair and use for UKAC. It is the 44 element version and as you say the reflector elements are counted as advertised unlike other beams. I therefore thought I had a 37 element and recently purchased the advertised 44 element only to find it was the same as the one I've already got (no I'd never measured the boom length and estimated it to be round about 8.5 feet so more fool me!). Not to worry they are both going to get stacked horizontally.

If you buy a Wimo there are a couple of possible issues you need to be aware of. Some people have reported the folded dipole element fails due to water ingress (I haven't had this problem). However on the donated Wimo I have, I noticed the 'tuning' was way off, with a very narrow bandwidth. Turns out the through boom elements need metal to metal contact with the boom to work. Water gets in and causes corrosion which affects the metal to metal contact via the self tapping screw that holds elements in place. The solution is to take the screw out (preferably replace it) and rub the elements down with wire wool, then apply some moly grease around areas were moisture gets in (this seems to do the job). 
What I would say is these antennas work very well with an excellent F/B. Spares are readily available from Wimo and the DX Shop. 

Andy G0FVI

Robin Szemeti - G1YFG

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