Re: Unsure what these are called

John Fell

Hi Mike,
The round items are circular WG16 flange coupling/locator rings .

The waveguide component looks like a transition to an N socket .

If the closed metallic end of the waveguide is reasonably thin ( 1-2mm) ( and the end closest to the N socket ) , try coupling the N socket to your RX and point the white material end of the assembly towards a 10GHz RF source .
If it is a transition it should show a signal peak when looking at the source .
The white material is probably in that case a moisture ingress blocker - to use as part of a system you would need to add a flange .
It may have been used as an "open guide" feed for a dish with a low f/D , wide beamwidth feed .


On Tue, 22 Sep 2020 at 20:41, Mike Webb <gd6icr@...> wrote:

Please tell me what these connections are called need 2 of these flanges and 2 sets of the coupling rings. Unsure whether the transition from n-type to waveguide is a dummy load or a test connection. Please help if you can

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