Re: 23cm pre amplifier



Have been out to the islands (in my working life) doing maintenance on lighthouses, so
basically any island with a light and I have been there.
Now though I do voluntary work for RSPB which also involves going out to the islands.
Trip this coming weekend to North Rona (IO79) for last checks before winter makes
these types of trips almost impossible.
Probably not doing any more trips after this one as getting too old (68 now) to stay
on a small island in a cold damp tent and work from first light to dark.
The list of islands activated (when time) are IO99/IP90/IP80 (dead easy),
IO57 (St Kilda), IO69 (Sula Sgeir), IO79 (North Rona) and IO67/IO68 (Hebrides)
and a few others which have not been activiated.

Martin, GM6VXB

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