Re: 23cm pre amplifier

Stephen Tompsett

I've used a SBA1250/1450 in my new preamp box:

Other possible sources

On 22/09/2020 13:15, GM6VXB via wrote:

After a few good days on tropo, this morning turned on the 23cm system to find that the pre amplifier had died.

This was a very good VHF Designs low noise high gain pre-amp.

Found that the initial device had gone short. Paperwork says an 'SKY67151', but looking closely it looks like

and is marked as a PGA-103.

Anyway, replaced it with a 103 but the pre amp is still very low (maybe no) gain.

So is there a good source of 'built' pre amplifers as the only ones I can see are the VHF design ones.

Eyesight now not good enough to try to build one of the DDK ones.

Martin, GM6VXB

(QRT 23cm until sorted.)

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