Now having a decent sig gen I have just tested the LNA for 23 I have, and find its 23db gain, that and the 20db off the Kuhne gives me quite a bit of gain, not sure of NF on LNA though. 

I thought of using my big helix and the LNA and trvrt to see if I can hear the moon. 
I need to be able to move the antenna in both diretions, left-right, up-down. 
I thought of my telescope, it has a weighted bar so as to offset the weight of the scope so I need to add a shaft with weight to the antenna then get some form of swivel, to get the up-down motion. 

I have found one on ebay, more like a scaffold clamp so not sure how smooth it will be. 

Wonder what others are using?

So, listening out for ON0EME soon, hi. 


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