Re: Denis G3UVR SK

Clive Elliott GW4MBS

So sorry to hear this news. I had been concerned because of his absence from the UKACs on the various bands & his undoubted enthusiasm that there must be something going wrong.

I've only known Denis for the last few years but he was very helpful in encouraging & updating me in the ways of VHF/UHF operating that had taken place in my 33-year QRT period. This help was by email & on air, always on the lookout for me from down here. I was particularly pleased to have worked Denis many times on 23cm mainly CW, often with better reliability than the other bands. He was excited with the prospect of having a go with me on 3cm, but sadly we never got to try that.
Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
Pottering on 6m - 3cm in a valley in IO71XW where any QSO is a triumph of optimism over geography!

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