Re: Wanted Tohtsu CX600NC relay

Richard GD8EXI

    I have one which was retired from active service many years ago as the isolation was not good enough on 432MHz and above, destroying the preamp device. I might sell it but, what band is it for and how much isolation do you need. I can re measure it but from memory it was less than 40dB of isolation on 432 MHz and above, not enough if you are running 100watts plus.

A CX3500 is much better, if you need good isolation, as it has a double switch and the unused bar is grounded both ends. The isolation is so good it is difficult to measure, being in my experience greater than they 65dB they claim, more like 80dB even on 1296MHz.


On 08/09/2020, 21:20, "Andy GD1MIP" <gd1mip@...> wrote:

Hi, I need a Tohtsu CX600NC 12v DC relay.

Before I buy new from a store does anyone have a spare they'd like to sell?

Thanks Andy GD1MIP

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