Re: G0MRF downconverter

John E. Beech

Does using Goonhilly SDR count?

de John G8SEQ

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Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] G0MRF downconverter
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But Andy,

Its the rule. We might not like the rules but we have to follow them.
One of these is you need to be able to monitor your downlink while
transmitting. It's doesn't say listen, looking at a waterfall ought to
do. The ones sending dirty signals are generally those that are not
doing this. They go out and buy things expecting they will work and
not realising that they should not over drive amplifiers etc. Anyway,
it doesn't really matter what we think about these rules as AMSAT-DL
and the Sponsors have set rules for us to abide by, one of which is
"Full duplex operation is mandatory (you must be able to monitor your
own downlink while transmitting!)"
Mike G0MJW

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