Re: Farnham and Mow Cop SDRs

Neil Smith G4DBN

I tried Mow Cop last night and I was very weak on it. I couldn’t hear much here, just RS from PKT, LEX and OSW, and Mow Cop wasn’t seeing OSW. shows a bit of enhancement overnight sinking away southwards, but the Midlands are blanketed in absorbent drizzle.
Neil G4DBN

On 7 Sep 2020, at 07:34, Adrian G4UVZ via <adrianwhatmore248@...> wrote:

Can anyone confirm that these are currently working?

I thought this misty September morning looked as if there might be a bit of dx about on 3cms..however no sign of any signals on either SDR.

Normally at least GB3SEE is present on Farnham.

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