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Using mains pressure water down a copper tube with handles so it can be twisted about comes to mind. Stones are a problem.
Julian, unless you live on a salt bog or wet clay, try Plan B.
I echo Robins points and add the following.
An HF vertical will almost always do better with radials instead of earth rods, unless you are on a bog or beach. Those who have worked hard to get an efficient vertical often end up with 32, 64 or even more radials. On topband, and I imagine even lower, do anything to avoid relying on ground rods.
With no alternative, use whatever works in your location, but put in as many as you can manage and water them, I recall suggestions to use chemical additive - what??????
I use a vertical loop on top band, the trees I thought an obstacle ended up supporting the loop - hell yes my 100W heats them up, but enough escapes to make it a fantastic antenna, transatlantic most days FT8, no ground needed.


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You could just save the copper and effort and not bother?

Try measuring the actual impedance of an "earth stake" and it is frequently in the hundreds or even thousands of ohms in stony ground. At best, they help discharge a little static.   On 160m, I radiate a decent signal, and my ground system is bits of wire, fences and associate bits of metalwork that I have been able to press into service. The feed point impedance is quite low, I doubt an "earth stake" would have any benefit at all.

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Hilti drills have an attachment that hammmer earth spikes in. Maybe worth trying your local hire shop. They go in real easy that way. 

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A very large SDS drill. They sometimes have them at bargain prices in Aldi. I've got a 1 m x 25 mm one.

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Not quite microwaves, but still radio.
I have been trying to drive in earth stakes for my shack and  HF vertical.
I have tried using a sharped rod and a club hammer to start the hole ,but I am not really succeeding. (I also pour water into the hole to soften things up whilst driving the rod.)
I use 25 mm copper tubes and 10 mm copper coated rods.
Any advice on the best way to get about a Metre into stoney soil?
( The Dragon will not be happy if I dig out large holes on "her garden".
Many thanks.
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