Re: full duplex. was: G0MRF downconverter


Only ever used voice on QO100 a handful of times when it first started and it was impossible to even say one word without stuttering when my own voice came back after a delay.   So I had to turn the volume down on Tx anyway, in the absence of a mute facility.

Which makes a complete mockery of the "mandatory full duplex" guideline

Very surprised, I work through QO100 full duplex with very little problem, listening to my own signal, handy if IQ0's are about.

Run the rx audio low but dont even have to alter it between rx and tx. I have the mic gain down and proessing up so I can speak quietly into mic and not get feedback. 

CW is the tricky one, hearing your own CW back delayed can throw one off but I tend to have the CW sidetone at a different frequeny than the rx'd station so tune the brain to it instead. 

All good fun? 


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