Re: Measuring high power on 2320Mhz (13cm)

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The "goto" coupler for 23cm is the Narda 31119 which can be bought cheap enough to build them into amplifiers as a permanent thing. It is rated 500W I think, it appears to handle more than that without problems.  I like them as they have both forward and reflected ports, which is handy.

Presumably there is a similar coupler that goes well at 13cm?  

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Narda 20 and 30dB couplers are rated to 500W through. The 10dB ones are rated lower (maybe around 200-250W.) The built-in termination power rating is the limiting factor.
These are the ideal way to measure higher powers, when used with a suitably rated power meter.
Back when I wrote the Radcom GHz Bands column (hundreds of years ago!) I covered this subject and gave some Narda coupler figures (if my memory serves)

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