Re: Switching a 24GHz transverter ?

Roger Ray

Neil, I have got one of the Relcomm wr-28 switches, that you might like to consider the operation of.
It may be easier to manufacture a wr-42 version. Although the wr-28 works fine on 24.
You can have this one to play with, as it has been disassembled, and not gone back together perfectly! It uses a simple solenoid action, for its two positions. No rotation.
The complexity is it uses 2 magnets and reed switches. Having a large possible combination of magnet and coil orientations, is the likely reason it tends to operate only in one direction. Just a thought.

On 16 Aug 2020, at 01:13, Neil Smith G4DBN <> wrote:

´╗┐My cunning plan for a 4-port rotary for 47GHz is similar, but a little higher-tech, as bearings and fast rotary drives have become better and cheaper. Alignment pins and modern carbide slot drills should make things easier as well.

I see that Ken used choke grooves which run the whole length of the rotor, cut with a 0.25mm slitting saw. Nice. I was puzzling how to machine chokes around the waveguide tracks without a fancy fixture (or a 5-axis Haas or EDM). I had come up with a simple solution using a dividing head and a 0.5mm end mill, but getting a long enough reach was impossible. Slitting saw. Simples.

Perhaps once the 122GHz madness subsides, I should make up some WR42 versions as a practice for the 47G model. Might not be as shiny as those Flanns though.

Neil G4DBN

On 15/08/2020 23:35, Chris Bartram G4DGU wrote:
W1RIL switch

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