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This is a very timely question as I am just in the process of boxing up my Kuhne 10G equipment. 
I am very puzzled by the specifications on the website about the 2W amp which is the one I am using. The current consumption is specified as 1.6 A. That’s 22.2W. So power dissipation Is 20.4W.  Power dissipated equal power in minus power minus RF put. If that’s true it’s a wee bit more that 5W. Seems rather inefficient. 
Have I mixed my sums up?

I am new to this so I look forward to some data from people using the gear. 


On Aug 11, 2020, at 5:03 AM, Chris Bartram G4DGU <chris@...> wrote:

Hello Ben,

My comment is that you are probably only dissipating 5W max., so the heatsinking you have is probably adequate. However, you would find moving the heatsink you've fitted internally to the outside of the box advantageous, but only marginally. I've made some measurements in the past concerned with dissipating higher powers, and providing precautions are taken to ensure that you make good (thermal) contact to the surfaces, the thermal resistance of typical diecast boxes when an external heatsink is fitted is not huge.


Chris G4DGU

On 11/08/2020 11:46, militaryoperator via wrote:
Advice please. 

Boxing my Kuhne 10G and 2W amp. Does this look like enough heatsink around the amp, it will be bolted to the box wall as well? I wanted copper but ain't got any.

Also, what's better, heatsink compound between surfaces or the blue heatsink pads? Was thinking pads a little less messy if moving stuff. 


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