Re: Liquid Tape-WiMo dipoles


Dear All,

Mention of Wimo dipoles suggests a reminder about the ease with which their plastic housing can get cracked- very careful tightening of the N-Plug and the mounting screw is essential; any misalignment or sideways pressure on the feeder can start a crack, with failure coming weeks/months later.

On the plus side, I have had one set of Wimo dipoles that has survived storms for over 8 years with return loss still as good as when first installed. Another set that we have used for contests is doing OK, also- but we are very careful assembling the array.

For joint waterproofing, I continue to use self amalgamating tape, followed by Denso tape, both professionally and for amateur purposes. However, in the last couple of years we have noticed a few cases of damage that looks like birds pecking at the Denso tape- just can’t imagine that they find it appetising, but this may be a new species.

The levels of UV are getting frightful and only the very best carbon loaded PVC tape survives for long. 

HellermannTyton seems to do well. Many cheaper brands are useless. 




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