Re: [UKuG-Committee] 24 and 76GHz loan kit plus other stuff

Roger Ray

I have the two 122 boards here. So let me know when you want them Neil.
I have a 47G loan system. It is just a mixer, but a fundamental mixer so works reasonably.
I am happy for it to be loaned out. Though I want to keep ownership for now, as I may need to reclaim the multiplier.  My thoughts are, get it loaned out, then look at the feedback, and see what updates can be made.


On 29 Jul 2020, at 14:37, Noel G8GTZ <noel@...> wrote:

Hi John,




First thanks to the group for this loan equipment – it does get used regularly for both NB and DATV, the last outings was 10 days ago.


Secondly, any potential loaners should be warned that it is no good borrowing it unless you have a QSO partner – I’m very fortunate to live in the centre of activity and so have several potential QSO every time I take it out.


Thirdly, I have no idea who the Chiltern Group is and I live as near to the Chiltern Hills as you do to the Norfolk lowlands or the Wash!!!


Finally I am happy to hang on to it for as long as possible and I think I did volunteer to build another set if the group is willing to send Mr Kuhn a very fat cheque!






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Subject: [UKuG-Committee] 24 and 76GHz loan kit plus other stuff


Just a reminder that the Group has 24 and 76GHz loan equipment available free for member's use as well as 5.7 and 10GHz, the latter are in demand, but there's no one on the waiting list so you could have them within 6 months if you ask.

Please note that you will be expected to arrange collection from the existing loanee for all this kit.


As for 24 and 76 It has been suggested that "we" should build another set of equipment for 24 and 76GHz based on the new Kuhne units but so far no one has volunteered to build them. This is sad, as the group has the funds sitting in the bank gathering dust, and I'm confident the group would approve its purchase. So far no ones's come forward with a plan to make it happen, by saying they will put said kit together into a plug and play loan system.


The existing 24/76 kit has been out on loan for 3 years with the Chilterns group and they have/are doing great work with it, including ground breaking ATV use, but hopefully they've now had time to decide that they like the bands enough to build their own. (Tongue firmly in cheek here!)

I'd like to see it go (maybe) North if anyone is interested. It would only make sense to do this if either there are two sets of kit for each band, or the loanee already has a potential QSO partner with equipment.

If no one else is interested in borrowing it of course, the group are more than happy for it to remain in the hands of the Chilterns Group as it's getting great use.


That aside might we be better to buy a few of the new 122GHz kits from VK land?

Again, if anyone is prepared to build them into a working loan kit please email me and i'll arrange the purchase subject to Committee funding approval.


And finally, we as always have funds available for GHz band beacon/repeater hardware/software development, you just need to get the relevant form from the Website and send it to me.

In my time as Treasurer, I don't think we've ever turned down an application that met the criteria!





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