Siemens W30861-Q4160-X-5 "13cm PA" wanted

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Hi all,

I bought one of these from a UK rally a couple of years ago and have finally mounted it in a box with an SG-labs Xvtr, PSUs etc.

I carried out mods originally posted by IZ4BEH (there is similar info by DK5FA on the Amsat-DL site).  I'm sure it is not yet 'optimised' but I measure about 150W out on 2320.
BTW: comments on Amsat-DL suggest that these units are pretty hopeless at 2400.

Now I have put this effort into making use of this lump, I'd like to get hold of a spare, just in case I ever have a mishap with this one!

I'd be grateful if anyone knows of a source of supply.

Thanks & 73, Phil G3TCU

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