Re: mmWave Bands from IO70

Chris Bartram G4DGU

Hello Paul,

Yours was the only reply to my post, so I think that concentrating on 24G EME will be most profitable once I've managed to get QRV on 10GHz EME again. It's taking a while, partly because I want to finish the work I'm doing on our house before giving 10GHz EME serious time!

I look forward to the signal from whatever you put on your 80ft tower! I'm rather restricted here, and the only antenna I have at the moment is a very low (and very old!) 9ele Tonna for 144MHz. While the site isn't quite as difficult as the old Carno location, I do have closer neighbours, and I don't want to get into neighbour conflicts! I think that I can get PP for an extendable mast mounted on the end of the house, and I'll probably put up a 1m dish with a dual feeds for 1.3 and 10GHz, as I'm limited there by a potential neighbour overhang to antenna lengths of ~3m.

I suppose it's fun!

73 to you both. Hope to see you sometime.

Chris 'DGU

On 17/07/2020 12:07, PAUL NICKALLS via wrote:
Hi Chris,

Pity you are so far away (280km).  I have a 24GHz system that needs repair - it has a lock issue.
I trust you are keeping well.

Paul G8AQA

On 17/07/2020 11:27, Chris Bartram G4DGU wrote:
Reading the comments regarding the UKuG mmWave contest prompted these thoughts.

It would be at least very interesting to discover if there is anyone within, say, 200km of IO70pj who has 24GHz gear and would like to run tests in the future? I have fully working kit built over a decade ago (2W, 2dBNF and usually a 0.9m dish) sitting in a box in my workshop, and it would be good to use it! I have had only one QSO since returning to IO70. I'm quite happy to go out portable, but I don't want to have to drive too far ...

I also have a beacon for 24GHz (200mW to a 16dBi sectoral horn) which it would be good to put to use. That requires a major update to the synthesier, and possibly a new keyer but that could be arranged if someone in IO70/IN69 with a suitable site would like to offer it a home. A cross-channel, low level beacon might be an interesting project!

I also did quite a lot of preparation work for a 47GHz system before I left Wales, and I'd be interested in finishing that if I had had someone to play mmWave games with!


Chris G4DGU

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