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Colin G4EML

The second hand Morion MV85 OCXOs are very good. I can’t remember the exact spec but they have excellent stability and repeatability after a couple of minutes warm up. I have one on my 10GHz Kuhne transverter and not is never more than a few hundred Hertz off frequency. 


On 12 Jul 2020, at 14:59, Ian White <gm3sek@...> wrote:

If you're thinking of the "hi fi TCXOs", the 0.1ppm claim refers to ageing (per year).

Temperature stability is +/- 0.2ppm, ie 2kHz at 10GHz.

Repeat of a question from some weeks back: has anyone measured the phase noise of the units around 100MHz?

73 from Ian GM3SEK

On 12/07/2020 14:00, militaryoperator via wrote:
Thinking about a better osc for my 10Ghz Kuhne without going to full gps etc.

It states its internal osc is 0.5ppm

Looking on ebay etc seems there are 0.1ppm tcxo's, would anyone recommend any particular one? 


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