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Colin G4EML

The conformable type semi rigid makes it much easier to make internal cables. It has virtually the same spec as the copper jacketed type but is made with a braided outer which is completely flooded with solder making it 100% coverage. It is easily formed and reformed a few times. It will go ‘floppy’ if you reform it too many times though. 

WH Westlake was selling 2 M lengths of it with 4 suitable SMA plugs for £6 
last year at rallies, a real bargain. I bought several and have used it for many projects. He also had bags of 100 of the SMA connectors for a reduiculously low price. 

The cable is still listed in his price list on his website under misc items. Not sure about the bags of connectors. 

‘Pack of 2 m Semi-rigid .086 Belden Coax and 4 Sma plugs to suit..£6’ 

Colin G4EML

On 4 Jul 2020, at 21:03, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG <robin@...> wrote:

It is a good compromise, there is lower loss stuff, but it tends to be thick and harder to route. In reality, your lengths sound generally be as short as possible  mostly less than a few inches .... the only really critical sections are the rx path before the LNA .. the rest, just keep it as short as possible.

There is a guy in Telford offering new 3m lengths for £13 ... which I think is an absolute bargain.

On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 at 20:57, militaryoperator via <> wrote:
What's the best semi rigid to use inside the box, between trvrt and pa, lna etc? RG402? 

checking the specs its 1.42db loss per mtr or 0.43db per ft.

Is there anything better that's easily soldered onto SMA plugs?


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