Looking to test my 23cm setup

Dave G6HEF

I have recently got my 23cm setup improved with a masthead box containing a G4BAO power amp and a G4DDK VLNA.

All I need now is to make some QSOs, however I can only operate from a remote site about a mile from my home QTH. Unfortunately there isn't currently room for a 2m antenna on the mast at the same time (A job to sort, admittedly) So I am calling random CQ directly on 23cm with no reply as yet and I'm getting bored of sitting around! So, looking to setup a sked or two tomorrow afternoon/evening. (02/07/2020). 

Take off from here is limited to anything west of a line drawn roughly between Barrow-in-Furness and just west of London due to a big thing called Black Combe, although always up for a challenge. I am located in IO84 so Lancashire/Wirral/GD/NI/EI perhaps GW? Perhaps even western GM land? etc, etc.

Would be wonderful to get a signal report on TX prior to doing a check log on VHF NFD


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