Re: DAIWA 7500a Rotator

Tony G4NBS

Been a while since I took mine apart, though I might do so again shortly as it has jammed and recently been replaced.
Can be messy and if you open it up the wrong way the ball bearings will go everywhere so best be prepared.
Mine has got limit switches and I recall it was a bit of fun reassembling it so that they behaved whilst getting the indicator in the correct position.
Guess if you mark the case as you split it so that you put things together readily aligned that shouldn't be a problem but I repainted mine as well as fitting new bearings and pot so wasn't an option for me.

Thumbs up for Hammerite and its special metal primer - no corrosion on it after 10 years up in the elements and the stainless hardware was easily undone, unlike the original paint and bolts supplied from Japan.

Good luck
Tony G4NBS

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