Re: Scavenging parts


Hi Keith

Best I could do from the ground.
The flexible sections of WG help a lot.

Aircraft prime focus dish with a 'Cuttler' feed.
This feed is also in the RSGB microwave books as
a 'Penny' feed.   

Yea, time for some spray paint.   All my antennas are painted 
'Battleship Grey'.   Makes them less obvious.

In your collection of WG bits, do you have any 90 deg twists? 
A short piece of WG that twists 90 deg?   Put in between two 
sections of flexible WG and you have a really flexible piece!
The flexes tend to flex in only one plane.   73 Kent

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 8:26:43 AM CDT, Keith <keith@...> wrote:

I have one WR 90 rotary joint and would love to get a second then I can use it in exactly the way Kent mentions.
Anyone got a spare please ??

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