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I suspect you would have to unscrew the knurled caps and have a look inside to be sure .. the possibilities that come to mind:

Ferrites as part of the duplexer arrangement?
Gas discharge tubes ... a "thing" in radar is small gas discharge tubes that ignite and conduct during each transmission pulse, the conducting gas acts as a high speed switch, shorting out the waveguide and preventing too much of the TX pulse getting into the crystal detector.  Normally I would expect them to be across the centre of the tube though, and these appear to be at the edge.

RF Sampling ports? 

Was the WG pressurised with nitrogen ?

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 13:03, militaryoperator via <> wrote:
Took my nose radar apart. 

Guess the most useful thing is the 46cm dish. 

Still, interesting project.  What's the waveguide with the 4 screw-like things on it, top right?



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