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Michael Scott

Thanks Neill, I assume you have to e-mail him for a price. Roughly how much are they?

From: Neil Smith G4DBN
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2020 5:00 PM
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Low ESR Capacitors

I use a Hutale LCR meter from Dr Le Hung. Must put it into a box.  Comes with kelvin clips.  Does all sorts as well as LCR.

Neil G4DBN



On 27/06/2020 16:40, Michael Scott via wrote:
Following the recent discussion on low ESR capacitors ( 7L18 ), what is a reliable method of measurement of ESR? Peak do a meter for around £100, but there are several cheaper multimeters which claim to be able to measure ESR.
Has anyone any advice/experience of these devices.
I am asking because the subject has come up recently when I have been asked for capacitors from the Chipbank for Sam’s Iceni and other transverters. Many of the capacitors I have in stock were given to me in plastic pots with no information other than the capacitance value. Sam specifies COG/NPO for most of his designs, and in some cases I have reels where the spec or code is given and I can track back to a datasheet, but for the loose ones it is pot luck what you get!
Mike G3LYP

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