Re: kst2me?

Adrian G4UVZ

Hi Ben...I too struggled with KST and KSTME !

Personally I find that in a contest / activity period, it is like Paddy Market ( Probably can't say that now) However recently I have used it to good effect with Clive GW4MBS to set up 10GHz tests
I see that you too are now on 10GHz and I thing the path to IO80 KX just south of Taunton would be on from your location ...particulary with all the rain we are having of late!

Let me know if you would like to have a go ..I have 5 watts to a 60cm dish ..mast mounted ..I am not far from GB3KBQ 10368.870 with line of sight to the Mendip Hills,,,so a good shot up the Severn valley

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