Re: 122 GHz boards

Roger Ray


I disagree with you. Existing equipment is on 122.400 in UK. The frequency is works well when you want to generate markers. 12.240 from an Elcom, or 13.600 x 9 from a low cost synth.
It also allows RX LO low for 144MHz to be within the band.
Note Below 122.250 is a protected band, so signals falling within it should be avoided. ( Note the latest article in Dubus falls foul of this).
With low cost SDRs available, and or FT817s, there is not a big issue. If necessary shift the LO programming slightly.

Roger G8CUB

When we get to 100km plus contacts, then to move to near the top of the band is a great 
idea, To give a couple of dB less loss.

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