Re: 70 cms tests

Derek Brown G8ECI

Hi John,

Left the 2nd RX of the new toy IC-9700 on 432.200, whilst monitoring GB3MCB on 144 Mhz for AS while I had Air Scout setup on your Loc, got quite a few AS reflections from MCB, but nowt seen or heard on .200, I also tried with Dick down in Bath on FT8 on AS, as I saw suitable aircraft in the region where he should have got something, but he also saw nothing on his system, although his antenna is probably worse than yours its an Hentenna attached to the inside of a window which faces North, but he gets regular decodes from GB3UHF and also some from NGI. I have found band condx plummet during the last few days, I cannot hear UHF at the present, whereas it was there on Thursday when I had the TS2000X on the bench, as that was turned into a IC-9700 by the act of the folding stuff and trading various Radios that I had collected over the years, I cannot believe that the 9700 is a worse receiver than the 2000X, I can still here PI7CIS on 70cm and other PI beacons on 2M, cannot normally hear any beacons on 23cm, but I think QHN in PA land comes up when ever there's a bit of an inversion over the North Sea, with the current weather thats not going to occur any day soon.

But did have some success, although on a even lower band than 144Mhz, worked WP4 on 6M, ! so not a total waste of an afternoon....

73 Derek G8ECI

On Sunday, 7 June 2020, 15:38:07 BST, John E. Beech <john@...> wrote:

Hi Derek,
            I've just done some VSWR measurements which weren't very promising. I'm going to clean up the connections and have another go. I've only got 20 W at the Tx & the antenna has 11 dBi gain so won't be a mega signal. However, should be able to work Bath I would have thought. The antenna has some higher lobes which are elliptically polarised so might be able to work you via AS ( Fat chance!), but you never know your luck & you won't work anything unless you try.
            I should be ready to Tx again by about 16:00 BST.

de John G8SEQ

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>  Hi John

>  Large lump of Lincolnshire in the way, but will put beam in your
>  direction and have a listen. Derek in Jo03ai, a friend Dick G8ELW is
>  only QRV on 70cm with a very simple setup, he's in Bath, will tell him
>  to listen as well

>  73 Derek G8ECI

>  On Sunday, 7 June 2020, 13:52:16 BST, John E. Beech <john@...>
>  wrote:

>  Hi All,
>  Not strictly microwave but:- will there be any activity on 70 cms
>  today?. I've resurrected my 432 MHz horizontally polarized omni &
>  would like to try it out. So if any body is available for some tests,
>  point your beam at Coventry & you should hear me calling CQ on 432.200
>  USB from time to time during the afternoon/evening.

>  de John G8SEQ
>  PS. Still no go on 23 cms having mechanical problems with new dish
>  feed.

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