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Neil Smith G4DBN

I use banking and payment and purchase-enabled apps on my phone without any qualms, but then I never install games or anything other than well-verified apps, and don't visit dodgy sites on the phone. 

However, what do I know? I'm so trusting that I even use a fingerprint authorisation on my banking app.  All someone needs is my phone and finger, and they can go wild with the £137.90 in my pocket-money account. It's all about what your risk appetite is, the threat landscape, who the threat actors are and what attack vectors are available to them.

Neil G4DBN

(Cybersecurity CTO, keeping government systems, billion-pound payment services and multinational corporate client systems safe so I can use my wages to "invest" in radio/machining stuff, dog treats and other money-pits)

On 06/06/2020 13:37, Andy G4JNT wrote:
Having your mobile phone stolen with the banking app on it is no worse than having a credit card stolen (with the three-digit printed number on the back now known to them).  
I haven't studied the Lloyds banking app in much detail as I have no need to use it, just downloaded it when the bank said it was available. For payments a contactless card is quicker than getting the phone out and entering the PIN.
I don't even use the fingerprint ID option on the iPhone, a 6 digit PIN is scure enough, when it is permanently locked after ten incorrect attempts.

PINs, even short ones, are a surprisingly good security feature so long as delays are increased after a 'few' wrong attempts.   And, of course, the algorithms used to hold them use proper cryptographic techniques.

On Sat, 6 Jun 2020 at 12:39, John Worsnop <johnworsnop@...> wrote:
Thanks for the feedback folks. Many  have suggested I get up to date and use the cheque scanning App that Lloyds provide with their phone banking App  ;-) so I have downloaded it to my personal phone now and used it with a cheque I just got. Seemed to work once I got used to it. So I propose to use it on a trial basis for a while. 

I should point out, for avoidance of doubt, that, while my phone is password and face-recognition protected, nor are the login details stored on my phone, if my phone gets stolen and UKuG bank details are used to steal your money I will NOT be held personally responsible for refunding it.

I personally do not use mobile banking apps for this very reason due to the physical vulnerability of a handheld device.

If members, or your Committee are unhappy with this I would suggest we either return to the status quo, or use club funds to buy a Smartphone and a PAYG contract purely for this application, as I will not be held liable in any way for the loss of Club funds accessed from data on my personal stolen phone.



On Sat, 6 Jun 2020 at 08:18, Martyn G3UKV <ukv@...> wrote:
Hi John
I support the BATC view (below), echoed by quite a few others posted to date. [be inclusive]
73 Martyn G3UKV

On 05/06/2020 14:16, Noel G8GTZ wrote:

FYI – BATC went through this a couple of years ago when we installed our new web shop and membership system.


Personally I was against keeping the cheque facility but was persuaded otherwise on the basis that it excludes a small but important group of people and it is important to make the hobby as inclusive as possible.


As a result BATC does still take cheques and as a result of COVID we found that you can post cheques to your branch along with a paying in slip – an easy and not time consuming process which we consider worthwhile for a few members who feel more comfortable doing this rather than on-line transactions.




From: [] On Behalf Of John Worsnop
Sent: 05 June 2020 11:52
Subject: [UKuG-Committee] UKMicrowave group Subscription - Cheque payments


Due to the current situation I am unable to get to the bank to pay in cheques. So if you've sent me one recently, don't expect it to clear in the foreseeable future.


I will of course advise the membership secretary that the sub  has been paid if you do. 


You could really help by not paying your £6 (!!) by cheque,  and using our Paypal facility  (ukug@...) or contact me off reflector for UKuG bank details and doing a direct transfer (UK members only)


On reflection I'm of the view it's time, in the 21st Century, to stop accepting cheque payments altogether.


I plan to raise this with the committee in due course.


This currently is only my personal view as treasurer as I have to get in to my car, drive 5 miles in to Cambridge, park up, and walk for 20 minutes (from the only remaining free parking close to Cambridge Centre) to take them to the bank.


I'd appreciate member's feedback on this proposal



John G4BAO

UKuG Treasurer




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