Re: UKMicrowave group Subscription - Cheque payments

Lawrence GJ3RAX

On 5 Jun 2020, at 10:51, John Worsnop <> wrote:

Due to the current situation I am unable to get to the bank to pay in cheques. So if you've sent me one recently, don't expect it to clear in the foreseeable future.

I'd appreciate member's feedback on this proposal

John G4BAO
UKuG Treasurer
I just looked at my PayPal account and I see that I last paid my sub in December last year. I assume that means that I am up to date.

I very rarely write a cheque now as I prefer to use methods such as PayPal or bank transfer online. I have not been past my front gate for nearly 3 months so sending anything by post or visiting a bank is not an option for me at present. I can fully sympathise with John about the problems with paying in cheques to a bank.

At my age I tend to forget when subscriptions are due so my preference would be to pay a suitable amount just once as a Life Membership and never have to worry about it again. That could help to give the group more in the way of immediate funds.

I became a Life Member of the RSGB back in about 1975 and I have done the same with several other organisations that I want to support.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX

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