Re: UKMicrowave group Subscription - Cheque payments

David Redman


A very sensible proposal, I would tend to go further Paypal only with an absolute worse case UK only exception of bank transfer with your prior agreement.
PayPal make life so much easier these days


On Fri, 5 Jun 2020, 11:52 John Worsnop, <johnworsnop@...> wrote:
Due to the current situation I am unable to get to the bank to pay in cheques. So if you've sent me one recently, don't expect it to clear in the foreseeable future.

I will of course advise the membership secretary that the sub  has been paid if you do. 

You could really help by not paying your £6 (!!) by cheque,  and using our Paypal facility  (ukug@...) or contact me off reflector for UKuG bank details and doing a direct transfer (UK members only)

On reflection I'm of the view it's time, in the 21st Century, to stop accepting cheque payments altogether.

I plan to raise this with the committee in due course.

This currently is only my personal view as treasurer as I have to get in to my car, drive 5 miles in to Cambridge, park up, and walk for 20 minutes (from the only remaining free parking close to Cambridge Centre) to take them to the bank.

I'd appreciate member's feedback on this proposal

John G4BAO
UKuG Treasurer


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