Re: Getting indication of rf

geoffrey pike

Hi Ben,
Unfortunately the only method that proves you are radiating is a dish meter!
Inline image
This is what i use on 3 and 6 cms, the pcb is a Franco Board and the rf out is fed straight into
 a zero bias diode and then to the meter. The veroboard gives +5 and -5V for the fets

Inline image

On Thursday, 4 June 2020, 11:06:59 BST, militaryoperator via <military1944@...> wrote:

Having several transverts now and a couple of low power amps most have a built in rf o/p indicator, 1 to 3v at the max.

I was thinking of how to meter this, guess putting a simple cheap voltmeter across the pin might just load it too much so was thinking of a 741 opamp say, nice hi z i/p but needing a split rail. 

Plenty of dc to +- units on ebay so should be quite simple/cheap. 

Just wondered what others use?  I know you can use an inline directional couple, costly for a good one, but I was thinking of a unit built into each system. 


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