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Chris Bartram G4DGU

Hello Stuart

A few years ago, while I was Chair of the UKuG, I put the suggestion of adding a QRP Certificate - I had around 1mW RF at the feed in mind - to our contests. AFAIR it didn't go beyond cursory discussion, but I still feel it has merit.

We've all perhaps forgotten just how effective a mW or two of WBFM used to be on 10GHz, allowing QSOs with modest antennas across any UK LOS path under normal conditions, as well as the exploitation of some forms of enhanced propagation. 1mW of CW is 40+dB more effective than that and could even allow some operation from home stations.

I know that Andy, 'JNT has done some work, based on an old transverter design of mine, which could even lead to a simple home-brew SSB transceiver, and, of course nowadays off-the shelf DSP hardware solutions offer another route.

Perhaps we need to make it clear that you don't actually need to spend £1k+ on commercial kit to get on the microwave bands and to have a lot of fun ...


Chris G4DGU

On 04/06/2020 08:15, Stuart G1ZAR wrote:

But the 10 GHz section is the only band that states open & restricted sections.
Open = no power restriction
Restricted = not to exceed 1.0 watt to the antenna.
So what is the cut off level between high and low power entrants in the restricted section?

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