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mike G6TRM

I would also like to add my experience to just how much effort is involved in setting up a reasonable 23, 13 and 9cm portable station. not including pre contest testing of the equipment, it goes like this 1) empty out the van ..0.5 Hr  2) load van with radio gear 1 Hr  3) Drive to site 0.5 - 1 Hr depending on where  4) set up station 2.5 Hrs    5) do the contest    6) take down station 2hrs   7)  Unload van and put away 1Hr and finally 8) reload van contents. 0.5 Hr.. 8 Hrs effort to do a contest!!  this assumes all goes well, the weather can make things impossible or much longer to set all the "fun" additional stuff, things that go wrong, don't work or break and of course the worst of all... set it all up then find the feed cable from the genny is at home.... or (done this twice) all set up and then realized the pump for the mast has been removed the van.
If it all goes well...great, but very tiring.. used to take me 2 days to recover...
As for doing it all from home, oh I wish....switch on and go....maybe one day!
Mike G6TRM

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Hi Ben
To get any real height in Lincolnshire means travelling over to 03 square which I have done in the past, but due to health I have to make do with 20 minutes away . To set 3 bands up on SHF is around 1 hour 45 minutes and around an hour take down, plus the loading and unloading of the car, it’s a lot of work, it’s a pain in the wind and in the winter cold and dark, but I enjoy it and met some good people on the bands. But I would certainly not be happy if portable ops was put in a group of there own. 

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Iam sorry Ben I totally disagree with the thought of putting portable stations in a different section, my home qth is 8ft ASL, and in a bowl , I’ve invested a lot of time and money in equipment to go portable, I won’t win anything but it gives me an opportunity to work a reasonable number of stations, and a reasonable score, my portable spot is 65mtre ASL, I could not compete against the other portable stations, so probably wouldn’t bother many fixed stations look for portable stations for squares, be interesting on others veiws

I guess you could choose a higher portable location Steve? after all, its 'portable'!


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