More Drax Chimney reflections on 10GHz

Neil Smith G4DBN

As part of my evening ritual, I check the 10GHz beacons to see if there is anything interesting. After the big tropo signals I heard refected off the 500ft chimney at Drax power station, I now check it as well as the direct paths.  Tonight, I can hear DB0GHZ, PI7ALK, PI7RTD and ON0EME direct, with PI7ALK strongest as usual, but I can only hear RTD and EME off Drax, but both are much stronger on the reflection than direct. DB0GHZ is skewed 5 degrees south, the others appear on normal headings direct.  Seems mightily odd that I can't hear ALK off Drax, but the two more southerly beacons are very loud when reflected.  Is it possible that the usual mouth-of-the-humber duct is sloping and that the entry for those more southerly beacons is elevated, whereas ALK and GHZ are closer to the ground?  Doesn't really explain why I can't hear them off Drax unless the duct entry is really low, like under 30 metres high.

This is the Drax reflection, with ON0EME in the middle and the somewhat itinerant PI7RTD a little higher.  Drax is at 260 degrees, the beacons are at 124 and 118 direct.  ALK is now very strong direct, but not so much as a sniff off Drax.  ON0GHZ has popped out of the noise on direct heading, but nothing off Drax.

Interesting stuff to be doing late on a Tuesday night.

Neil G4DBN

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