Swap / exchange N type connectors for Heliax.


I have the following spare to trade / swap (last resort sell).

Andrew L4NF  N type female connector. Officially for LDF4-50A coax,  but apparently also fits RFS LCF12-50J. 4 of new in boxes. Also have one unused in open bag minus centre pin.
Andrew F1PNP-BH  N type female to FSJ1-50A Bulkhead mounting. 1 of new in box.
* Andrew F1PNR-HC Male N type 90 degree for FSJ1-50A coax.  1 of new in box.
* RFS NF-SCF12-D01  N type female to SCF12-50 coax, but apparently also fits FSJ4-50B and Hansen RF50.   2 of new in box.

Would swap for Male N types for LDF4-50A,  LCF12-50J,  FSJ4-50B  or LCF38-50J.

Please contact me off list if interested.  I am in GD so obviously postal only.

Thanks Andy GD1MIP 

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