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Phil Guttridge G3TCU

I was running KST2me at home last night and that disconnected me at one point, that's extremely unusual. It wouldn't reconnect immediately ('socket error' or something) but did connect a few minutes later so I'm pretty sure there was a network or server problem.

73, Phil G3TCU

On 27/05/2020 09:29, Robin Szemeti - G1YFG via wrote:
Last night was my first attempt to use KST in a contest and I failed to get any sense out of it. ... on the web interface, I still haven't figured out how to send a message to an individual. Clicking on their name does nothing  ... it just looks like a mess.  I would have thought that on a tool designed specifically for amateurs arranging contacts there would be some way to see only those stations calling "CQ" .. and some way of filtering by band or even location .. but apparently not.

I tried KSt2me .. with a key,  and that worked OK, at least you can click on a user to send a message ... I monitored the uWave chat for a while, and the moment I tried to send a message, it kicked me out, and said I needed a key again .. sigh.

Nothing was lost though, as the 13cm transverter appears to be useless ;)

On Wed, 27 May 2020 at 09:08, Bob_G1ZJP <R_Offer@...> wrote:



Firstly thanks for your patience last night and our retry, heavens know what conditions were like!  Even GB3LES hadn’t returned to it’s usual strength with me by the end of the contest!


Re wtKST – I run both KST2ME and wtKST [2 different machines – I noted that at one point in the contest, KST2ME said at the top bar – Disconnected but the drop down said Connected – I simply disconnected and then re connected ~ all was OK after that however I noted that several others also relogged in at the same time, so maybe a server issue.  I would expect this to affect wtKST too.  Although I run wtKST  my “pea-shooter” station on 13cms is most unlikely, at this time, to make use of AS.  I did note that when I woke the computer from screen saver that wtKST went rather crazy with the main panel blinking and running through many messages before stabilising ~ I then shut it all down.


Thanks again for the QSO


73, stay safe





From: Martin - GM8IEM
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Hi John,

I've experienced a similar glitch on several occasions, and haven't yet figured out what has caused it.  It's not happened very often, and the only way I could get the app going again was to delete the entire wtKST folder from C://Ham Radio/wtKST and replace it with a fresh set of files.  I keep a copy of the zip file so I can do this easily by simply unzipping into my Ham Radio folder on the C drive.

I also like it very much, for the reasons you state, although it lacks some of the features of KST2Me that I find very useful, like the ability to monitor the messages of selected stations, which comes in handy in the timing of a request for a sked.  Also, it has a maximum number of stations active on KST visible in the right-hand pane, so not all are included at busy times.  Not usually a problem on the GHz chat.

73, Martin





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'morning all


In yesterdays UKAC, I ran wtKST for the first time -( yes I know I'm slow on the uptake of new stuff !)


I like it a lot, or I did like it until it stopped working. After a couple of hours it disconnected, although my internet connection was fine. It would not reconnect and I was then unable to close the program conventionally and had to use the Task Manager. Following that I ran the program again and it would not connect.


I resorted to conventional 'KST, which worked as it should.


The simple display of wtKST appeals to my simple mind, but not if there are glitches like I experienced last night. Is it a known bug or was I just unlucky ?


John G4ZTR





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