Re: Microwave Modules T432/144R transverter

Alan Beard

Our Mike G4KFK missed one very important Microwave Modules version:

Back in 1977 I had a Yaesu FT-620 6m transceiver, they covered 50 to 54 MHz.
And a Yaesu FT-221.

(Us "Z" call limited licencees had only 50 MHz and up.)

Well, ham satellites were going to use 432 and 435 MHz so I needed a transverter
system that would cover 432 to 436 MHz.

I wrote to Microwave Modules, they responded so I bought their 432 to 50MHz version. 

An FT-620 is extremely easy to hookup to the MMT432-28 (now on 50MHz). In the 620 there's a short
coax from the exciter to the RF PA, route that to a socket on the rear of the radio to feed
the Tx signal to the MMT432. I still have the combo today and it still works.

Thanks MMT.


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